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You can find out more about hiring HMS Warrior for your wedding or reception, including prices, deck availability, catering and facilities, by downloading our wedding brochure.



HMS Warrior is a truly unique wedding venue, offering a blend of romance, style and individuality that will make your day as memorable as it is special. The beauty of design and high quality workmanship that made the HMS Warrior the pride of the British fleet make it an unequalled venue for your wedding and reception.

The ceremony itself will be held, according to your wish, either in the grandeur of the Captain's cabin or upon the Officers' Half Deck. Your wedding can take place at 1100, 1400 or 1715 (when followed by evening reception) providing stunning day light views for you and your guests across Portsmouth harbour.

HMS Warrior is the most unusual and enchanting wedding venue Hampshire has to offer, resonant with an illustrious history of Royal visits and military service. The unparalleled experience that is offered by this sought after Portsmouth wedding venue will exceed your expectations in every way. There are also a range of services available designed to help you to make your wedding everything that you want it to be.

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