Warrior Preservation Trust welcomes donations for the collection within the limits of our Acquisitions and Collections Development Policies.

In broad terms, this involves items relating to Warrior and her sister ship Black Prince through all stages of their careers. We are also interested in information pertaining to the crew of HMS Warrior between 1861 and 1904, of HMS Vernon lll 1904-1923 and material relating to Warrior’s subsequent namesakes.

We cannot always accept material offered for the collection, for instance if it duplicates an item we already have. If we cannot accept an item, we may be able to recommend an alternative home.

We are currently improving our archive facilities, which will be accessible and open to potential users in the near future.

If you are looking to donate to the collection, (please include digital photographs or scans of items where possible), or have any information you think may be of interest, please contact library@nmrn.org.uk. Please allow at least one month for a response.

For family history enquiries, see Old Warriors

For any other enquiry, please contact library@nmrn.org.uk. Enquiries are dealt with free of charge but donations towards supporting our work are appreciated.