HMS Warrior’s Theatrical Summer School

HMS Warrior recently provided a fantastic (and very real) historical backdrop for 8-16 year olds interested in acting and performance. The HMS Warrior Theatrical Summer School was organised in conjunction with Fluid Motion Theatre Company who put on a three day bonanza of workshops centred around performing arts. Drama skills, improvisation, comedy, puppetry and lots more were featured throughout the event and we’ll no doubt be seeing some of these youngsters gracing our stages and television screens in the near future.

Children worked with the theatre’s director who imparted a whole host of knowledge and passed on skills that young people can take with them as they progress in their performing career. All this is valuable experience for anybody looking to work/take part in theatrical productions.

The beloved battleship’s inspirational qualities certainly seems to have paid off and what better way to explore the historical HMS Warrior than through performance? This kind of thing gives a different perspective of the iconic ship – judging from beaming faces everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time aboard.