Farewell to our law placement students

All of us on board would like to wish our law placement students farewell and all the best for the future. As part of their course at the University of Portsmouth, they were working on their final year Practical Lawyer Orphan Works Project, which included Loans, Copyright and IPR. Below are some words from both of them, outlining their experiences on board:

Hello! My name is Leila Chaiboub and I am a Law student from the University of Portsmouth. Over the past 7 months I have been working with HMS Warrior on various projects dealing with the legalities of collection’s management; predominantly concerning copyright. However, my role also included completing loan agreements and locating information regarding orphan works. I was involved in drafting reports and letters, advising my client on copyright matters, alongside filing existing copyright and loans into a codified system.

The most interesting part of the project has been working as a team with my colleagues in order to seek a successful conclusion to each task. An example of this was when I was given the challenging task of finding the living descendants of the first crew of the ship, who served on board in 1860. This proved rather difficult at first, however after extensive research, I was successful in locating the beneficiaries and had the pleasure of writing a letter to the descendant of the first captain. 

This task, alongside all the others on my project, has aided me with the transferable skills to help me with my Masters next year, and the necessary skills to communicate effectively and bridge the gap between my academia and my future career as a Company Secretary.

One interesting fact about myself: I worked in the Dorchester during my Gap Year and served the actress Emma Thompson, who played the character Nanny McPhee!


Hi, my name is Jake Stubbings and I am a third year Law and Business student for Portsmouth University.  For my final year project I took part in the practical lawyer Orphan Works Project. This involves working closely with museums to try to help advise on any legal issues that may arise as well as trying to help update their loans and copyrights databases. Orphan works arise when the legal owner of an object cannot be found, for example, when a gift has been given without any record of the true owners of that object. In these cases the museum will have to try to uncover who truly owns that gift before they can use it (something much easier said than done!).

For me I was lucky enough to be allocated to work on HMS Warrior 1860 - as offices go this must be one of the best. Over the last 6 or so months I have been able to complete a number of jobs from creating loan agreements and crowd release forms as well as being able to give advice on a number of legal issues that have come up. One of the most challenging thing however has been trying to develop Warrior’s loans agreements. Having to sift through some 30 years of agreements does take time but we have got there and Warrior now has a fully up to date electronic database. For me one of the most rewarding parts is being able to see how the work you have done is going to put in to use and how it will benefit Warrior in the future.

As for the future I hope to get into more corporate law and after completing the LPC I plan to become an in-house lawyer.

One interesting fact about myself: I regularly do kickboxing and have been training for 3 years now (ever since I started at university).